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: Jimmy told me to update
Updates are coming!

: Manabar Grand Opening Night

The 20th of March 2010 is Grand Opening Night of the first video game bar in Australia and we get excited to be able to share our experiences with what could possibly be one of the best ideas to ever come to life. Read how Doug found the very first  night of trade. Read on!

: Strife (PC)
Remember when DOS actually meant something to people and back when games had gore ratings? Jasmine takes a look at Strife. A game based on the Doom engine and is often forgotten about and we think it's a damn shame. Read on!

: Myst (PC)
Jasmine goes back to a game that started the full motion video based revolution of adventure gaming, which is now mostly forgotten, we must look back and wonder how we ever thought this was cool. Read on!

: Duck Hunt (NES)
Jasmine looks back to the game that came with the NES Action pack. What has been seen as a classic isn't remembered just for the ducks but for a character that has annoyed gamers for many years to come. Even with the cheating that went on with people holding the zapper right up to the television, it's still a fun game that deserves to be in Gaming Gold. Read on!

: Wii love to rip off
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you left your Wii in the car on the hottest day of the year in full sun? Well without losing a large sum of money in wondering, the next best thing is here! The already deformed Digitron! This wonderful rip-off proves the once again people have no shame in letting this beast of a machine loose in the country!

: Neighbours (ZX Spectrum)
Neighbours, what can we say. It's a game that is so bad that it wasn't even released in the country that started it all. But that turns out to be a blessing. Doug looks at the game and a system that is almost unheard of outside the UK. 

: Questions 26 of March 08
Rodger finds out something disturbing and wonders the facts of life. He wonders what it would be like to date a dragon and the problems that might cause. After just turning 8 he is mature enough to fully answer this question and then some! Read on!

: Space Quest 3 (PC)
The Space Quest universe gets more interesting in the third installment of this satire-gone-crazy adventure. Rodger Wilco is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we wouldn't have it any other way. This game highlights what is missing in games today. Read on!

: Hard Drivin (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Stacy has a look at a game that may look impressive on the cover, but once again this proves that you can't judge a game just on it's artwork. The thrill of being on an empty road with brick graphics might just be too much for some people. Read on!

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